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Wendy Treat

Senior Pastor
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About Wendy:

Dr. Wendy Treat is a wife, mother, grandmother, pastor, teacher, international conference speaker, and role model. She writes and teaches from a practical standpoint, seasoning it with her unique sense of humor. Born in 1957 in Eugene, Oregon, Wendy was raised in church.  Her father was a Methodist pastor, and her mother was a busy pastor’s wife and stay-at-home mom.  Wendy has five siblings, the youngest a sister adopted from Korea.

With a desire to make a difference in the lives of people, Wendy enrolled in Seattle Bible College where she met and later married her husband, Casey Treat. In 1980, they founded Christian Faith Center with just 30 people.  After more than 3 decades, the church ministers to many thousands of people in three locations around the Seattle, Washington area.

The Treat’s host a weekly television program called, Your Unlimited Life, which is broadcast nationally and internationally. Wendy also makes frequent guest appearances on other programs, including an interview on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor. She is featured in blogs, newspapers, and magazines. Wendy loves to read, travel, entertain, and along with her husband is an avid bicyclist.

Traveling extensively every year to national and international churches and conventions, Wendy delivers her straightforward, humorous and extremely honest message to well over a hundred thousand women yearly. Wendy is full of wisdom having lived through both the peaks and valleys of life, including cancer and her husband’s treatment for hepatitis C. Wendy and Casey have been married for 35 years, and have three grown children, two of whom are married. In 2012 Wendy was elated when she was granted her newest title of grandmother.

Wendy is a bestselling author, with several books, including:

  • Take A God Look at Yourself,
  • I Love This Thing Called Parenting! Well…most of the time!

Shoes Wisely, Wendy’s latest book is written for women of all ages. Shoes Wisely gives down-to-earth insight on how to walk strong and finish strong in the right kind of shoes for every season of life (visit Shoes for more info.).

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